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Monsieur Bart Bertrands

In its decision of 12 May 1998, the Regional Court of Hamburg (Landgericht Hamburg) ruled that website operators who incorporate links must bear joint responsibility for the content of linked sites under certain circumstances.
According to the Regional Court, this can only be averted if the webmaster expressly distances himself from such content. 
The following applies to all links: we would like to explicitly emphasise that we do not have any influence as regards linked texts, their design, potential violations of applicable laws, infringement of trademark or ownership rights or the content of the linked sites. We thus hereby expressly distance ourselves from the wording of links and from all content of all sites linked to our website and do not adopt these as our own. 
This declaration applies to all links appearing on our website and for all content of pages accessed via banners or links registered with us. Please be aware of this fact when reading and using the links!